Pharmaceutical industry also requires refrigerators

There are a large number of drugs that require that the storage and transport temperature be controlled in the range of 2 to 8 °C, from its exit from the laboratories to its use, for this purpose special laboratory refrigerators are used for that temperature range.

Medicines include most vaccines, biological preparations and reagents for clinical analysis, requiring that the cold chain is not broken because it can endanger patients who use them, hence the importance of selecting a good laboratory refrigerator.

It can be considered that they are typical and need to be kept cold, vaccines and live germs, which can die or reproduce uncontrollably, and produce the disease you want to avoid with them. Hepatitis and rabies, could be two of the very important diseases, in which your vaccines require to have very well controlled temperature.

The most delicate stages of the cold chain are transport, particularly before and after removal from warehouses. It should be borne in mind that short periods of time outside the recommended temperatures in some products can greatly affect them, especially when pathogenic microorganisms can reproduce.

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